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Thu - 28/11/2019
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Thu - 28/11/2019
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1. What do you consider the largest Risk for your company?

2. What are the Risk Mitigation Strategies you apply?



This event is open for all professionals interested or currently working in Starups in Hanoi, or supply chai professionals in Hanoi, or who are interested in looking for business collaboration for U.S. market through meeting with a delegation of Baylor University (U.S.), Executive Master Program.



Ferguson Global is seeking a Sourcing / Business Development Manager to assist in our Southeast Asia sourcing expansion. This position will report directly to our Regional Manager based in Taiwan and work closely with our staff at Ferguson Enterprises, LLC headquarters in Newport News, VA, USA.


The Project Manager (PMO) is a highly visible role that is responsible for driving the transformation activities for Singapore Replenishment Center (SRC) and 3rd party service providers’ warehouses migration from current location to a new location. This leader will lead cross-functional internal and external resources and has overall accountability of the execution and performance of projects and transformation initiatives.


Manage DC daily operation activities at warehouse facility. To ensure strict execution of the SOP and meet KPIs.

Vietnam Supply Chain Awards & Gala Dinner 2015

Thu - 3/12/2015 @ 18:00

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Thursday, December 03, 2015 | Ho Chi Minh City



Since 2010, Vietnam Supply Chain has been providing a credible platform through our annual Awards ceremony to recognise outstanding individuals and organisations within the supply chain industry for their excellence and professional achievements. The objective of the Vietnam Supply Chain Awards is to encourage continuous improvement of the supply chain management knowledge & practice and the information sharing between enterprises. We aim to support and promote the cross industry collaboration that will enhance global competitiveness of Vietnam. The VSC Awards have been developed to communicate lessons learnt, best practices applied locally, and technology that has demonstrated positive results for visionary and leading organizations. This award is open to companies in various fields of industries, business sectors. Below are the awards of 2015 that are open for company nomination:

What's new this year?

This year we create AWARD REGISTRATION FORM for independent/ enterprises to apply yourself per each below-listed awards. You can start apply now via this form HERE or email directly to info@vietnamsupplychain.com

Supply Chain Implementation Excellence


  • General presentation of the company strategy, assets, market, products
  • Initial context, objectives, scope of the project and timeline
  • Baseline & expected improvement
  • Implementation approach and Methodology
  • Project milestones and team involved
  • Challenges and they have been overcome during the implementation
  • Achieved results vs expected
  • Key Learning points


3PL of the Year

  • General presentation of the company assets, market, products/services, structure, directions and revenue range 

  • Growth Rate (revenue over the past 2 years) 

  • Transport & warehousing capacity-Customer service level & satisfaction rate, 

  • Factors of Differentiation from competition 

  • Level of complexity of solutions-Implementation of innovative technical and IT 

  • Demonstration or case study showing the ability to be pro-active and adapt to 
customer needs 

  • Optimization practice and improvement proven results 

  • Development of local transportation partner 

  • Green logistics initiatives 

  • Training and investment in human capital 

  • Approach to security and risk management 

  • Provide 2 contacts of reference for our experts to request for extra-information.


Sustainable Supply Chain


  • General presentation of the company assets, market, products, structure, directions and revenue

  • Public CSR & Green values, policy, objectives, leadership and initiatives (local & global) 

  • Sincere and comprehensive efforts to fully integrate social and environmental awareness into all level of the organization 

  • Demonstration of successful long term initiative or project that supports the redistribute wealth to lower income population, having a positive impact on health, and/or helping to reduce carbon foot print of a supply chain. 

  • Substantial new measures to improve and develop their environmental & accident record over the past year 

  • Track record of directing suppliers, government institutions and business partners towards better social & environmental standards 

  • Training and Investment in Human Capital Proven results over past year 

  • Provide 2 contacts of reference that can be contacted by the Judges 


Supply Chain Professional - Junior


  • Academic Background & Achievements

  • Achievements and impact on businesses 

  • Development Potential for future Senior Supply Chain Position

  • Supply Chain expertise, insight 

  • Leadership 

  • Supply Chain Innovation and Creativity - Problem Solving 

  • Extra curriculum activities 

  • Provide 2 contacts of reference in case further investigation is needed. Contacts 
will remain strictly confidential 


Supply Chain Professional - Senior 


  • Supply Chain Expertise and Insights

  • Achievements and impact on business

  • Leadership 

  • Developing others, coaching and Training capabilities

  • Facilitation of Supply Chain Cooperation with Supplier, Customer

  • Innovation and Creativity - Problem Solving

  • Strategic and Long-term Vision

  • Social Considerations and Involvement



SME of the year


  • Topline Development and Reputation in the market

  • Product Innovation & Quality

  • Applying appropriate Supply Chain methods in the operation

  • Training and HR Development 

  • Quality of Management 

  • Strategy and Vision


Exporter of the year 


  • Topline Development and Customer Number Development

  • Product Innovation and Product Design Capabilities

  • Applying appropriate Supply Chain methods and concepts in the operation

  • Value Adding in Production Process 

  • Customer Service and Customer Focus in the Operation

  • Quality Management


Innovation & Technology


  • General presentation of the company strategy, assets, market, products

  • Initial context, objectives, scope of the innovation

  • Performance Improvements through Technology

  • Uniqueness and creative solution of innovation

  • Quality of implementation and training

  • User Feedback and Satisfaction

  • Feedback from Stakeholders (Supplier, Customer)


​People Empowerment


  • Overall Organisational Structure and Context of Empowerment

  • Scope and Extend of Empowerment

  • Training and Organisational Development

  • Sustainability of Organisational Changes

  • Performance improvement due to Empowerment

  • Employee satisfaction (increase)

  • Feedback from Stakeholders (Supplier, Customer)


Supply Chain Education 


  • Academic Quality of Curriculum 

  • Teaching Qualities and Effectivity

  • Practical Experience for Students (Company Visits, Speakers etc)

  • Academic Publishing

  • Growth and Satisfaction of Students

  • Success of Graduates in their job

  • Social Involvement, Alumni and extra-curriculum activities




The 08 Awards 2014 are included:




4.  SME OF THE YEAR 2014






You can find out more details at:





Dr. Eckart Dutz, General Director, Rapi B2B Office Solutions & General Manager, Pacific Partners (VN) - Uncle Bills Discount Stores

Eckart is General Director of Rapi B2B Office Solutions (formerly Cartridge World (since 2006)). He came to Vietnam in 1995 and has worked from 1996 - 2004 for Unilever in Vietnam, Thailand, Netherlands, Germany in various Supply Chain positions. Most recently as Regional Supply Chain Manager for Ice Cream for South East Asia. Next to Rapi, Eckart is also General Manager of Pacific Partners (VN) (since 2004), a Sourcing Company specialized in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (Food and Nonfood). That includes export activities to Markets in the Pacific Islands as well as the import of Nonfood products (Sole agent for UBL China) to Vietnam. Most recently he has launched the first Discount Stores under the "Uncle Bills" Brand in Ho Chi Minh City. Eckart received a PhD in Supply Chain Management from Mannheim University (Germany) and a Diploma in Business Administration as well as a Post Graduate Degree (Lic.rer.pol.) in International Economics. He is Co-Founder of the Vietnam Supply Chain Community and previously on the Boards of Advisors of the Vietnam Supply Chain Council as well as an Advisor to the Sourcing & Purchasing Club Vietnam. Furthermore he is Lecturer for the Executive MBA Programs of the RMIT and the Vietnam National University.


Julien Brun, General Director, CEL Consulting

Julien is the Founder and General Director of CEL Consulting, the first international Supply Chain and Operations consulting firm in Vietnam. He is now managing a team of consultants who is fully involved in providing their expertise to procurement, manufacturing and logistics related businesses in the region. MSc in mechanical and system engineering (Technology University of Troyes, Ecole Nationale des Arts et Metiers, Paris), he gathered experience and know-how at several positions in product/process optimization in aeronautics (Airbus, Cooper tool) and automotive industry (Peugeot Citroen, Rover group) in France, England and Holland. Julien has spent as well 2 years in Africa, where he coordinated logistics and food distribution for >100,000p refugee camps in Africa, for the account of WFP (World Food Program) and UNHCR (High Commissioner for Refugees). From his arrival in Vietnam in 2005, Julien immediately felt lined up with local dynamism and developed the firm intention to support actively the country's industrial development. Beside consulting work, he is now lecturer in Lean Management and SCM in for Executive MBA program of CFVG Ho Chi Minh city. Recently, Julien has been voted to be the Vice President of French Chamber of Commerce Vietnam.


Filip Jankovic, Country Manager, DHL Supply Chain


Filip has over 15 years of highly diversified, international SMC experience. Originally from Serbia and educated in Germany, he commenced his career in Central and Eastern Europe with an international Logistics Service Provider, where he started as country manager and gradually advanced to regional management positions. Following his shift to retail, Filip spearheaded the international rollout and implementation of wide-ranging SCM principles for a DIY retailer. Before assuming his current role as Head of Supply Chain Metro Cash & Carry Vietnam in late 2011, he gained experience in a number of different retail/wholesale sectors managing their Logistics and Supply Chain operations across multiple European countries. Today, Filip leads a young and diverse team focusing on structural changes to create an integrated relationship model with Suppliers and Service providers with the mission to improve the end-to-end supply chain performance and to meet the needs of Metro’s national operations. Filip is married and has two sons.



Holger A. Rosemann

Holger Rosemann is an accomplished global senior executive in the field of Supply Chain Management and Operational Excellence in capital as well as labor intensive industries. Holger started his career as an engineer with Preussag. After his MBA in the USA he then joined Roland Berger - Strategy Consultants, advanced into the Chemical Industry with Celanese before joining adidas and then Puma in the Sporting Goods industry. His experience and expertise is centered around restructuring, post merger integration, Lean and Six Sigma, Sustainability, operational excellence and supply chain as well as change management in large, international organizations. Holger is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt and Lean Leader. He holds two Master degrees - one in Energy- und Process-Engineering and one in Business Administration from renowned universities around the world. The last four years, Holger has been responsible for Puma’s global footwear development and sourcing activities. In this role he lead a group of 42 independent factories in 13 different countries with 70,000 workers an annual output of more than 70 million pairs of shoes per year. Holger is married and a proud father of one son. He lives with his family in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. During his leisure time, he enjoys time with his family, friends and a wide range of sporting activities.



Fabian Bögershausen, SANET EU

Mr. Boegershausen began his career with a degree from the University of Bayreuth and at the Karl - Franzens University Graz , where he was one of the best graduates at the chair for banking and finance in 2008. After this Mr. Boegershausen started at the Boston Consulting Group, followed by a four year commitment to an independent consulting firm for Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Since 2010 Mr. Boegershausen is member of the Sanet network and since 2014 he working at the headquarters Sanet in Bangkok. In his many years of activity for Sanet he could meet a variety of industries and business challenges, esp. in the industrial manufacturing sector, consumer goods and in the automotive industry . In this context, Mr. Boegershausen procurement and supply chain questions for Southeast Asia.


Submission deadline: 17:00pm October 30 2015 
Award ceremony: 3nd December 2015
Inquiries about how to submit or the awards: please email to Ms. Quyen Nguyen at info@vietnamsupplychain.com




All registrations are tentative until full payment is received.
  • Payment will be paid in Vietnam Dong to the assigned bank account.
  • All payment are expected to be received before the event date. If for any reasons that the payment can’t be received before the informed deadline, registrants will have to notify VSC in written and agree to sign in the “Payment Confirmation” document. If payment is late in accordance to the informed deadline when the course has been completed, registrants shall be charged a penalty of 1.5% per month on the overdue amount from the due date until paid.
  • The official invoice (red invoice) will be issued to registrants on the event day under the condition that the payment is paid and is requested in advance.
  • In case of cancellation before the event date, registrants have to inform VSC in written notice at least 10 working days prior to cancellation date. In case of failure to notify the cancellation, the violation party has to pay a penalty as follows:


  • 50% of total amount for cancellation 5 - 10 working days prior to the event date
  • 100% of total amount for cancellation less than 5 working days prior to the event date
  • In case that the event is cancelled by VSC, resgistrants will be refunded all the received payment within 07 days since the written announcement of cancellation or be rescheduled as mutual agreement.
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