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Wed - 30/9/2020
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1. What do you consider the largest Risk for your company?

2. What are the Risk Mitigation Strategies you apply?



This event is open for all professionals interested or currently working in Starups in Hanoi, or supply chai professionals in Hanoi, or who are interested in looking for business collaboration for U.S. market through meeting with a delegation of Baylor University (U.S.), Executive Master Program.



Founded in 2009, Au Chau Fashion and Cosmetic Company (ACFC) - a division of Imex Pan Pacific (IPP) Group, is the seat of some of the world's premium and most admired fashion brands. ACFC is the leader in brand management and distribution company specializing in international brands in Vietnam, a driving force of retail and distribution networks and provides full-service retail management in the country. Some our brands are Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Diesel, Tumi, Gap, Calvin Klein, Banana Republic, Mango....


Abbott believes in the power of health. With better health, people and communities can live better and achieve more.
- We create new solutions - in diagnostics, medical devices, nutrition and branded generic pharmaceuticals - that help people around the world, in all stages of life, live their best lives through better health.


Our company is a rapidly growing company based in The US and Vietnam. We are evolving into an international sourcing business with a focus on Hygiene products. Our clients are mostly US focused and conglomerates.


Thu - 12/12/2019 @ 17:00

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Ho Chi Minh City, 12 December 2019 17:00 - 20:00


As complexity throughout the supply chain grows, technology and data drive greater value, and the skills gap widens, companies need new, more diverse talent. Learn how your organization can diversify talent and support women in supply chain management to drive performance and profitability.




Engineering and Supply Chain Management have traditionally been male-dominated fields. This is slowly changing. According to the "2018 Women in Supply Chain Survey" by Gartner, the average percentage of women in Supply Chain roles has increased from 35% to 37% over a three-year period from 2016-2018. Most of companies surveyed shared why for this nearly flat growth in this was due to lack of focus and prioritising this topic in the business agenda. 


The goal of this roundtable is to bring the Supply Chain community together to share in the insights, experiences and knowledge of inspiring women who are leaders in their industries and in their supply chain roles. Through the sharing of these lessons and experiences, we will develop best practices that ensure continued growth in attracting and retaining talented women into the Supply Chain field.

This community gathering covers following topics: 


  • Roundtable: Smart Moves for Women’s Leaderships & Advancement in Supply Chains 


-    Filling In the talent gap 

-    Increasing the number of women in top leader roles 

-    Advancing your own career and leadership potential 

-    Increasing the pipeline of women in Supply Chain roles/careers 

-    Engaging men as advocates for change 


  • Firechat: The AWESOME Women 2019 


For Sponsorships, Speaking Engagement: please email to info@vietnamsupplychain.com


For Event Registration: please register online HERE





Technology and analytics allow companies to operate more proactively and productively when it comes to their supply chains. Accordingly, skills related to these innovative technologies are now in high demand. There’s also a new luster and excitement in supply chain and manufacturing operations as the potential of these technologies is drawing candidates in.


Pursuing more diverse talent brings different perspectives, experiences, and strengths to the table to support jobs of the future. Women in supply chain management totaled about 47% of the labor force in 2016, and only 29% of the manufacturing workforce, accoring to a research in collaboration with The Manufacturing Institute and APICS.


Research has already shown that diversity improves profitability and ability to innovate—which we hear from our teams and clients every day. Companies are also preparing for a future where humans and machines work side-by-side. Having a more inclusive, diverse workforce allows them to be more agile, more creative, and better prepared.





There are many creative ideas for diversifying supply chain talent—from workshops, labs, and mentoring to early education programs in schools. These ideas need to become best practices and receive buy-in from all sides of the business.


We’re starting to see new and innovative answers to diversity challenges in the supply chain as companies experiment and see results. Some of our ideas and initiatives include:

·       Intentionally upscaling resources to pull them under the umbrella, train them up, and re-introduce them into the organization.

·      Instituting more mentorship and sponsorship programs. Did you know that the percentage of women technology chiefs is far higher than that of female CEOs and CFOs, according to multiple analyses? Advocating for women in supply chain and manufacturing roles early on can drive the leadership and technical skills to help women climb the corporate ladder. One organization, MakerGirl, is a mission-driven STEM program that focuses on 3D printing and inspires young girls to be active in science, technology, engineering, and math. Other programs, such as the initiative Girls Who Code, work to build interest and skills outside or before female talent enters the corporate world.


Advancing women supply chain leaders with AWESOME “Achieving Women’s Excellence In Supply Chain Operations – Management – and Education”. AWESOME has grown to become the most prominent and dynamic organization for senior-level supply chain women. Our goal is transforming the future of women’s supply chain leadership. Since AWESOME was launched in 2013 by Ann Drake, CEO of DSC Logistics, the organization has ignited the attention, the interest, and the commitment of others, equally determined to recognize, inspire, develop and leverage the talents of women in the supply chain profession. Members of the AWESOME community – all women in diverse senior supply chain roles with different types of companies and organizations – now number more than 1,200.





This year, Gartner added two questions to its survey to highlight what it will take to improve recruiting and retention outcomes, as well as what will result in more women being offered and advancing into top jobs.

It asked:

1.    In your opinion, what is the most important thing your organization can do to improve recruiting and retention of women in the supply chain organization?

2.    And, what is the most important thing your organization can do to more effectively advance women to top leadership levels in the supply chain organization?





Respondents see “increasing the presence and visibility of senior women leaders” as one of the most important actions companies should take to impact the ability to better recruit and retain women (15%), and advance women to senior levels (16%). Other important actions that would help recruit and retain more women include: changing cultural values, leadership orientation and behaviors as well as better visibility of current women leaders (and their success stories). To advance women leaders, respondents suggest more career development and career pathing as well as increased opportunities for sponsorship and mentorship.





Chi Pham, Customer Service and Logistic Managers, Heineken Vietnam




Eckart Dutz, General Director, Pacific Partners & Cofounder, Vietnam Supply Chain 


Eckart is General Director of Pacific Partners (VN), Ltd., a Sourcing Company specialized in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (Food and Nonfood). That includes export activities to Markets in the Pacific Islands as well as the import of Nonfood products (Sole agent for UBL China) to Vietnam. Most recently he has opened a Restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City (www.theloop.vn). He came to Vietnam in 1995 and has worked from 1996 - 2004 for Unilever in Vietnam, Thailand, Netherlands, Germany in various Supply Chain positions. Most recently as Regional Supply Chain Manager for Ice Cream for South East Asia. Eckart received a PhD in Supply Chain Management from Mannheim University (Germany) and a Diploma in Business Administration as well as a Post Graduate Degree (Lic.rer.pol.) in International Economics. He is CoFounder of the Vietnam Supply Chain (www.vietnamsupplychain.com) and previously on the Boards of Advisors of the Vietnam Supply Chain Council as well as an Advisor to the Sourcing & Purchasing Club Vietnam. Furthermore he is Lecturer for the Executive MBA Programs of the RMIT and the Vietnam National University as well as Eastern International University in Binh Duong.





Amanda Rasmussen, Chief Operating Officer, ITL Corp


Amanda Rasmussen is Chief Operating Officer, ITL Corp, one of the largest logistics and supply chain companies in Vietnam and one of Vietnam’s Top 500 largest Enterprises and Top 50 Trusted Brands. ITL is a leading regional solutions provider of Integrated Logistics, Warehousing, Freight Management and Distribution services in Indochina. ITL has 1,500+ employees, headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City, with more than 70 branch offices and distribution centers in Vietnam along with offices in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Singapore and Thailand.

Amanda has 20 years’ experience in logistics, transportation and supply chain management, having held previous roles in DHL, Maersk, Damco and running her own logistics and supply chain training and consulting company for a number of years.  Her specific areas of experience include operational, commercial and general management experience in Logistics, Air freight, Ocean freight, Origin Consolidation, PO Management, Warehousing, Distribution, Supply Chain Management and Value Added Services in the Asia Pacific Region and specifically in Vietnam and South East Asia.

Amanda has lived and worked in Vietnam since January 2003 and has been an active member of AmCham since arriving to Vietnam as well as having previously having served as Chair for the Logistics and Supply Chain Committee.

Born in the U.S., Amanda has an MBA in International Business Systems from Loyola Marymount University and an BA from the University of Tennessee.





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"Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition." Marilyn Monroe