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1. What do you consider the largest Risk for your company?

2. What are the Risk Mitigation Strategies you apply?



This event is open for all professionals interested or currently working in Starups in Hanoi, or supply chai professionals in Hanoi, or who are interested in looking for business collaboration for U.S. market through meeting with a delegation of Baylor University (U.S.), Executive Master Program.



Ferguson Global is seeking a Sourcing / Business Development Manager to assist in our Southeast Asia sourcing expansion. This position will report directly to our Regional Manager based in Taiwan and work closely with our staff at Ferguson Enterprises, LLC headquarters in Newport News, VA, USA.


The Project Manager (PMO) is a highly visible role that is responsible for driving the transformation activities for Singapore Replenishment Center (SRC) and 3rd party service providers’ warehouses migration from current location to a new location. This leader will lead cross-functional internal and external resources and has overall accountability of the execution and performance of projects and transformation initiatives.


Manage DC daily operation activities at warehouse facility. To ensure strict execution of the SOP and meet KPIs.

Click&Pick, Unlock the Potential of Your Order Fulfilment

2014-05-09 15:10:54

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E-commerce and multi-channel sales are dramatically changing the relationship between suppliers and customers. Sales channels are constantly changing – as are the intralogistics challenges for market players in meeting the expectations of today’s consumer.


Whether start-up, established e-commerce company or multi-channel specialist, the Click&Pick portfolio opens up a range of flexible and scalable solutions for warehouse and material flow processes from receiving to picking and shipping, including efficient returns processing.

Click&Pick is a modular concept that can be tailored to meet existing requirements and flexibly adapted to changing customer needs and business models in e-commerce and multi-channel sales. Conveyor and lifting technology, material flow software, preconfigured systems such as AutoStore, SmartCarrier or CarryPick, and extensive industry experience are combined to create tailor-made solutions. These guarantee high pick rates, accurate shipping of goods, efficient returns and putaway as well as innovative inventory management that result in highly efficient inventory and order fulfillment systems.
E-commerce and multi-channel sales: business models and sales channels in transition
Changes in user behavior are creating new realities almost daily. Dynamic start-ups, the rise of new business models and existing business concepts are intersecting to produce complex sales structures. Sales channels on the internet such as homepages, email, or mobile apps in e-commerce go hand-in-hand with “conventional” structures such as bricks-and-mortar stores, catalog sales and phone orders. The challenge is to map the many different sales channels, which are constantly changing, to efficient multi-channel sales processes.
Financial success will be short term at best unless key factors such as speed of response, accurate order processing, on-time delivery, returns management and inventory monitoring are executed seamlessly 24/7. “Logistics specialists expect multi-channel sales to perform the demanding job of creating highly flexible and extremely fast structures that allow for smooth handling of orders today and in the future,” explains Mr. Koh Seng Teck, Swisslog WDS Head of Southeast Region in summing up the challenges. The complexity of the requirements shows that tightening and adjusting individual screws in the intralogistics system, e.g. warehouse capacity, picking and sorting zones or personnel deployment, is not enough. As a result, Swisslog takes a holistic approach with its all-round systems. “The trend is heading toward intralogistics solutions suited for multiple, even differently frequented sales channels,” adds Mr. Koh Seng Teck. The Click & Pick portfolio of technologies from Swisslog provides a range of multi-channel capable multifaceted systems that can be customised to your specific needs.
Compact and clever: the small-parts AutoStore concept in the Click&Pick portfolio
OCADO and Competec both deploy an intralogistics system configuration where the automated small-parts warehouse system AutoStore efficiently picks and stores products. In these goods-to-person installations, you won’t find conventional racks or aisles. Instead, goods are stored in bins stacked directly on top of each other in a self-supporting modular aluminum grid. The bins are transported by robot vehicles moving on tracks on top of the aluminum grid. They pick up the bins from the top and put them into storage.
Each of the robots is able to reach each grid section and access each bin using an integrated lift. The robots also service the workstations of the AutoStore system, known as “ports.” These ports can be used in two ways: for putaway and for order picking. AutoStore’s modular concept allows the existing space to be fully utilised because it requires no rack aisles and bins are stored in close proximity to each other. The grid layout adapts to the structural conditions on site. Columns can be bypassed and difficult spaces can be utilised; even U- and L-shaped layouts are possible. This allows AutoStore to be integrated in existing warehouse spaces. In addition, the system offers many different expansion options: New bin columns can be added just as easily as new vehicles or ports. AutoStore is able to grow dynamically to meet increasing logistics requirements while material flows and storage strategies can be adapted via software.
Click&Pick: multi-channel logistics that works
Regardless of the direction in which start-ups, business models and sales channels may be heading, the Click&Pick portfolio of technologies from Swisslog ensures that intralogistics solutions for e-commerce and multi-channel sales meet the strategic challenges of the future. The modular design and migration capability of Swisslog’s holistic, fully-integrated approach guarantees complete independence from the factors impacting efficient order fulfillment. This allows companies to achieve the highest levels of future viability and investment security, particularly as AutoStore, SmartCarrier and CarryPick are already helping solve one of the most pressing issues in the industry: efficient returns processing.
Source: supplychainasia