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1. What do you consider the largest Risk for your company?

2. What are the Risk Mitigation Strategies you apply?



This event is open for all professionals interested or currently working in Starups in Hanoi, or supply chai professionals in Hanoi, or who are interested in looking for business collaboration for U.S. market through meeting with a delegation of Baylor University (U.S.), Executive Master Program.



Ferguson Global is seeking a Sourcing / Business Development Manager to assist in our Southeast Asia sourcing expansion. This position will report directly to our Regional Manager based in Taiwan and work closely with our staff at Ferguson Enterprises, LLC headquarters in Newport News, VA, USA.


The Project Manager (PMO) is a highly visible role that is responsible for driving the transformation activities for Singapore Replenishment Center (SRC) and 3rd party service providers’ warehouses migration from current location to a new location. This leader will lead cross-functional internal and external resources and has overall accountability of the execution and performance of projects and transformation initiatives.


Manage DC daily operation activities at warehouse facility. To ensure strict execution of the SOP and meet KPIs.

The rise of budget fashion brands

2014-05-08 16:19:29

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Over the years people, especially the rich, have had great preferences for expensive foreign design fashion items. But it seems this market trend has been superseded by local budget fashion brands that are more trendy but much cheaper.


Prominent budget fashion brands

Just a click on Facebook can return around ten popular budget brands with over 10,000 likes although they entered the market less than two years ago. The blueTshirt, Nosbyn, RENbyTee, Wephobia, Popbirdy, Heverly, Yoursandmine and Things are among them.

Owners of these fashion brands come from diversified career backgrounds, with some being fashion professionals like Nguyen Minh Anh and Daisy Nguyen Bao (Wephobia brand), popular stylists like Kim Tuyen Nguyen (The blueTshirt) and Lam Thuy Nhan (RENbyTee), fashion laymen like Le Minh Ngoc (Nosbyn) and models like Helly Tong (Heverly).

They come from different starting points but all work for such common goals as satisfying their passion for fashion, showing individual tastes of fashion and introducing on-trend designs to local consumers.

According to Kim Tuyen (The blueTshirt), she is active in fashion design out of her preference of dressing beautifully with budget items. Then she also wants to meet demand of many people who cannot afford to buy luxury items.

To Le Minh Ngoc, Nosbyn was born as she could not find designs that do not fit her style and budget.

From a habit of sharing her fashion styles on social networks like Facebook and Instagram, Lam Thuy Nhan received lots of requests to have the same outfits. That was the reason for RENbyTee to come online.

Cheap yet quality items

Many people often underestimate these budget fashion brands. For them, these items must have some quality problems. With prices ranging from VND200,000 to VND1 million apiece, a design item costs the same as a product made in Thailand or Guangzhou, or a local product of export quality which have been popular among consumers. Their designs are unique and quantity limited.

Ngoc told the Daily that her crop top styles in three colors – white, burgundy (dark red) and black cost VND210,000 per item. Since its debut last April, there have been over 3,000 items sold.

Kim Tuyen introduces her brand’s best-sellers, including plain white shirt and grey trousers. The fit-made outfit helps repair defects of bowlegs or big/skinny upper body.

Some sheer and lace shirts of RENbyTee can bring both feminine and unique looks. Two designs of lap-spreading shirt and sheer-sleeve shirt by Lam Thuy Nhan have been restocked constantly since last July.

A new consumer trend

On Facebook people can see this new shopping trend among youth and white-collar workers. Even popular artists in local showbiz are promoting budget designs on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

“The tendency to use budget designs will last long as customers are building up their fashion tastes day by day and the demand for more high-quality and beautiful designs is inevitable. Fashion products from Guangzhou and Thailand will stop their days of glory if there is no breakthrough in design and quality,” said Lam Thuy Nhan.

Kim Tuyen confirmed that the trend to wear budget designs is blooming in Saigon. It will bring more choices for customers as well as help develop the local fashion industry in a big way.

Source: SGT