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Vietnam's coffee exports in January are estimated to have dropped 17.6 percent from a year earlier to 120,000 metric tons, while rice exports likely fell 29.5 percent, government data released on Friday showed.



We are looking for a DevOps to help build out, maintain, and troubleshoot our rapidly expanding IT infrastructure. You will be part of a talented team that demonstrates superb technical competency, delivering mission-critical infrastructure and ensuring the highest levels of availability, performance, and security.  The qualified systems engineer will have a background of at least 2 years in a DevOps position.


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Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam



A firm specialized in Demand and Supply Management in Emerging Markets: We create an impact where it's most needed

VIETNAM IS REOPENING AND ITS EARLY CORONAVIRUS CONTAINMENT EFFORTS MAY HELP IT AVOID A RECESSION Vietnam may be able to avert a recession this year as the country gets back to work and school after early coronavirus containment measures, an economist said on Monday.
INDUSTRIAL ESTATE TO THRIVE AS MULTINATIONALS LEAVE CHINA A recent report by VNDIRECT, a leading brokerage in Vietnam, says that the trend of moving production out of China is set to become increasingly evident following the...
BRINGING MANUFACTURING BACK TO THE U.S. IS EASIER SAID THAN DONE The Covid-19 pandemic has raised a critical question: Why does the United States not have the capacity to manufacture many products for which there is a sudden urgent...
JAPAN SWITCHING MANUFACTURING TO ASEAN Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe recently declared a state of emergency for the coronavirus pandemic and unveiled a massive stimulus package to help the economy overcome the...
TWO GADGET MAKERS LOOK TO MOVE MANUFACTURING OUT OF CHINA, CITING TRADE WAR Tile Inc. and Fitbit Inc. are simultaneously looking for alternatives to China as a source for their manufacturing operations.
CORONAVIRUS: CHINA FACES FIGHT TO HANG ONTO FOREIGN MANUFACTURERS AS US, JAPAN, EU MAKE COVID-19 EXIT PLANS Three of the world’s four largest economies, the United States, Japan and the European Union, are drawing up separate plans to lure their companies out of China. But...
SHIFT OF SUPPLY CHAINS FROM CHINA ACCELERATES Japan has announced an initiative to set up a fund of $2.2 billion to encourage companies to move out of China. Given the hardening of bipartisan consensus in the US to probe...
AFTER CORONAVIRUS, DON'T WRITE OFF CHINA AS WORLD'S FACTORY The coronavirus pandemic has exposed the overreliance of companies and governments on China for just about everything, from cars to medicines. But they will not be packing up and
GOOGLE, MICROSOFT SHIFT PRODUCTION FROM CHINA FASTER DUE TO VIURS TAIPEI -- Google and Microsoft are accelerating efforts to shift production of their new phones, personal computers and other devices from China to Southeast Asia amid the...
APPLE, MIRCOSOFT, GOOGLE LOOK TO MOVE PRODUCTION AWAY FROM CHINA. THAT'S NOT GOING TO BE EASY Apple, Google and Microsoft have looked to move some hardware production from China to places including Vietnam and Thailand. Assembly of products such as phones could feasibly...
COMPANIES WILL SHIFT SUPPLY CHAINS AWAY FROM CHINA AFTER CORONAVIRUS CRISIS, MARK MOBIUS PREDICTS Companies around the world will alter their supply chains to be less dependent on China in the wake of the coronavirus crisis, according to investor Mark Mobius
JAPAN TO FUND FIRMS TO SHIFT PRODUCTION OUT OF CHINA Japan has earmarked $2.2 billion of its record economic stimulus package to help its manufacturers shift production out of China as the coronavirus disrupts supply...
NEW DATA SHOWS U.S. COMPANIES ARE DEFINITELY LEAVING CHINA U.S. companies are leaving China thanks to the trade war. They’ll leave even more thanks to the pandemic. Sorry, Davos Man. Your China-led globalization is going out of...
THREE TRENDS DRIVING ELECTRONICS MANUFACTURING OUT OF CHINA IN 2020 Manufacturers swallowed a whirlwind of changes in 2019. Driven by tariffs, the brands that build our favorite products spent a significant portion of their efforts this year...
APPLE TO PRODUCE MILLIONS OF AIRPODS IN VIETNAM AMID PANDEMIC TAIPEI -- Apple will produce millions of its popular AirPods wireless earphones in Vietnam for the first time this quarter, sources familiar with the matter told Nikkei Asian...
HONDA VIETNAM EYES IMPORTS AS SNAPPED SUPPLY CHAINS HIT PRODUCTION Honda Vietnam is considering more car imports this year since local production has been hit by the supply chain disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic
VIETNAM'S COVID-19 RESPONSE COULD SPUR PRODUCTION SHIFT FROM CHINA Vietnam's Covid-19 record could make it an attractive investment destination as economies seek to make their supply chains less dependent on China.
THACO TO SET UP NEW COMPANY TO TAKE OVER NON-AUTO BUSINESSES Truong Hai Auto Corporation (Thaco) plans to restructure by spinning off its agriculture and real estate businesses to form a new company, Thaco Group