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Vietnam's coffee exports in January are estimated to have dropped 17.6 percent from a year earlier to 120,000 metric tons, while rice exports likely fell 29.5 percent, government data released on Friday showed.



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A firm specialized in Demand and Supply Management in Emerging Markets: We create an impact where it's most needed


A firm specialized in Demand and Supply Management in Emerging Markets: We create an impact where it's most needed

SECURITIES COMPANY LISTS 9 INDUSTRIES THAT WILL BE AFFECTED BY EPIDEMIC Nine industries could be negatively affected in the short term by the fallout of the coronavirus epidemic, according to a report by SSI Securities Corporation.
VIETNAMESE SEAFOOD INDUSTRY SAILS OVER CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK Local seafood firms managed to avoid the impacts of the coronavirus crisis by diversifying their export markets.
76% OF GERMAN COMPANIES CONCERNED ABOUT CORONAVIRUS IMPACTS Around 76 per cent of German companies confirmed that the coronavirus epidemic affected their activities in Vietnam, according to a flash survey conducted by...
TOP FIVE AI TRENDS IN SHIPPING FOR 2020 Alexander Love lists down areas that artificial intelligence (AI) is beneficial to such as automated processes at shipping terminals and reducing fuel consumption.
AMAZON STOCKS UP ON CHINESE PRODUCTS AS CORONAVIRUS DISRUPTS SUPPLIES As the coronavirus outbreak in China continues to plague local manufacturing businesses, the world's largest online marketplace is taking...
CHINESE GOVERNMENT RELEASES PUBLIC APP TO GAUGE POTENTIAL CORONAVURS EXPOSURES The new tool comes as cases of the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) reached over 40,000 in China.
DISTRIBUTION MARKET FOR MATERIAL HANDLING EQUIPMENT TO GROW 5.2% YEARLY TO $19.7 BILLION IN 2023 Freedonia study predicts distribution will register the fastest growth rate of all MHE markets.
RETAIL UNDER PRESSURE Things aren’t getting any easier for the world’s retailers, but these six technology solutions are helping them tackle their biggest challenges and prepare for what...
JD.COM IS HIRING 20,000 PEOPLE WHO CAN'T WORK BECAUSE OF THE CORONAVIRUS Hong Kong (CNN Business)- The Chinese government has made saving jobs a major priority as the coronavirus outbreak disrupts businesses and sends...
TOP SIX SUPPLY CHAIN TECHNOLOGY TRENDS FOR 2020 The supply chain technology trends for 2020 reflect the growing demands for more service, more value, faster shipping, cheaper shipping, and an unrelenting pace to predict...
THE FUTURE OF LAST MILE LOGISTICS TAKES SHAPE From light-industrial properties to large multistory facilities, the urban logistics real-estate landscape is changing as shippers get a handle on the best warehousing strategies
5G AND THE LOGISTICS INDUSTRY: WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS Organizations will soon be able to harness the speed and bandwidth capabilities of this next generation wireless network, opening the door to unprecedented innovation across...
REPORT: GLOBAL NEXT-GEN SUPPLY CHAIN MARKET TO MORE THAN DOUBLE TO $75 BILLION BY 2030 Future of logistics to be driven by artificial intelligence, blockchain, Internet of Things, AR, drones, 5G and robotics.
HOW WILL THE CORONAVIRUS AFFECT SUPPLY CHAIN OPERATIONS ACROSS THE GLOBE ? If the virus continues to spread, more and more supply chains will be affected as operations involving labor, supplies, production, and transport are disturbed.
CORONAVIRUS: HOW CHINA'S FOOD INDUSTRY IMPACTS PANDEMICS With the world’s largest high-speed rail network, a payments system that’s largely conducted via phone apps, and half the world’s solar-power plants, China...
BOSCH CEO WARNS CORONAVIRUS COULD HIT GLOBAL AUTO SUPPLY CHAINS STUTTGART, Germany (Reuters) - The chief executive of Robert Bosch, the world’s biggest auto components supplier, warned that coronavirus could impact its global supply...
HOW IS THE SARS VIRUS INFECTING THE SUPPLY CHAIN ? WILL YOU BE AFFECTED ? China is the global hot spot for growth in the electronics industry. Right now, it is also the epicenter for the SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) epidemic. In Asia,...
CHINESE CORONAVIRUS FEAR SPREADS OVER LUXURY, RETAIL SECTORS The confirmed human-to-human transmission of the new strain of coronavirus in China triggered a market sell-off Jan. 21 with luxury goods and retail stocks among those affected.