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Vietnam's coffee exports in January are estimated to have dropped 17.6 percent from a year earlier to 120,000 metric tons, while rice exports likely fell 29.5 percent, government data released on Friday showed.



We are looking for a DevOps to help build out, maintain, and troubleshoot our rapidly expanding IT infrastructure. You will be part of a talented team that demonstrates superb technical competency, delivering mission-critical infrastructure and ensuring the highest levels of availability, performance, and security.  The qualified systems engineer will have a background of at least 2 years in a DevOps position.


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Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam



A firm specialized in Demand and Supply Management in Emerging Markets: We create an impact where it's most needed

RALPH LAUREN, KERING, NIKE, AND 7 OTHER FASHION FIRMS CLOSING STORES DUE TO CORONAVIRUS In an effort to help curb the spread of the deadly coronavirus, travel restrictions in China have limited tourism, production and foot traffic to stores.
JD.COM IS TAKING THIS UNEXPECTED STEP TO PREVENT CORONAVIRUS LOSSES JD.com has taken an unexpected approach to prevent business disruptions as a result of the deadly coronavirus outbreak — it’s actually hiring more workers.
AMID CORONAVRIUS OUTBREAK, CHINA'S SNEAKER MANUFACTURERS ARE NOW MAKING FACE MASKS As China battles the spread of the deadly coronavirus that has infected more than 44,000 and killed at least 1,113, the sneaker manufacturing capital of...
THE HUMAN COSTS OF EPIDEMIC ARE GOING DOWN BUT THE ECONOMIC COSTS ARE GOING UP. HERE'S WHY This year marks the 100th anniversary of the deadliest epidemic in history - the 1918 Spanish Influenza outbreak, which killed around 50 million people.
EVFTA TO TAKE EFFECT IN JULY 2020 ? VCN- The EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) will likely take effect in July 2020, opening up many opportunities to boost exports for Vietnamese goods, especially...
EVFTA AND EVIPA HOLD STRATEGIC AND ECONOMIC SIGNIFICANCE TO VIETNAM-EU RELATION The European Parliament (EP) on Wednesday ratified the EU-Việt Nam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) and the EU-Việt Nam Investment Protection Agreement (EVIPA). Vietnam News Agency...
EU-VIETNAM TRADE DEAL: WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? The EU-Vietnam trade deal is set to eliminate virtually all tariffs over the course of a decade. MEP Geert Bourgeois explains the benefits in our interview.
VIETNAM STOCK SLUMP SECOND WORST TO CHINA AFTER LUNAR NEW YEAR Benchmark VN has dropped 9.4% since its Novermber peark. Stocks valuations have come down to lowest since August 2017.
THE U.S.-CHINA TRADE WAR HAS VIETNAM IN THE CROSS HAIRS A Cold War battleground once looked like one of the few winners as the two superpowers vied for dominance. Now it's bracing for trouble.
VIETNAM CUSTOMS EXPORTS PLUNGE 17.4% AS CORONAVIRUS SPREADS  Imports fall 13.7% from year ago, down 16.6% from last month  Exports slump 17.4% from year ago, plunge 18.8% from December
EU OPENS TRADE DOOR TO VIETNAM, CLOSES IT TO CAMBODIA STRASBOURG/BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Union agreed on Wednesday to open its markets wider to Vietnam, while closing its trade doors to Cambodia, rewarding Hanoi for its...
UPDATE 1- VIETNAM STICKS TO 2020 GROWTH TARGET AMID VIRUS CONCERNS HANOI, Feb 14 (Reuters) - The Vietnamese government said on Friday it will stick to this year’s economic growth target of 6.8% and take steps to ease the impact of the...
TIKI AND SENDO IN MERGER TALKS ? Tiki and Sendo may be in talks over a potential merger to break the dominance of Shopee and Lazada and their foreign backers.
WEWORK AND VNPAY- AFFILIATED SOFTBANK LOSES $2 BILLION IN VISION FUND Japanese technology giant SoftBank Group Corporation, a shareholder of WeWork and VNLIFE (the parent firm of VNPAY), has reported $2.05 billion of loss in its Vision Fund’s
NEW WORLD BANK STRATEGY TO HELP VIETNAM SCALE UP SOLAR POWER The World Bank has pointed out several approaches for Vietnam to bidding and deployment of solar projects that will help substantially boost and effectively manage its abundant...
PLASTIC PACKAGERS LOOKING TO VIETNAM The unfavourable prospects of the Thai packaging industry, dimmed by the ban on single-use plastic bags in the country, may force packaging manufacturers to shift business to...
SECURITIES COMPANY LISTS 9 INDUSTRIES THAT WILL BE AFFECTED BY EPIDEMIC Nine industries could be negatively affected in the short term by the fallout of the coronavirus epidemic, according to a report by SSI Securities Corporation.
VIETNAMESE SEAFOOD INDUSTRY SAILS OVER CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK Local seafood firms managed to avoid the impacts of the coronavirus crisis by diversifying their export markets.