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Vietnam's coffee exports in January are estimated to have dropped 17.6 percent from a year earlier to 120,000 metric tons, while rice exports likely fell 29.5 percent, government data released on Friday showed.



We are looking for a DevOps to help build out, maintain, and troubleshoot our rapidly expanding IT infrastructure. You will be part of a talented team that demonstrates superb technical competency, delivering mission-critical infrastructure and ensuring the highest levels of availability, performance, and security.  The qualified systems engineer will have a background of at least 2 years in a DevOps position.


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Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam



A firm specialized in Demand and Supply Management in Emerging Markets: We create an impact where it's most needed

E-Commerce in India: A Game Changer for the Economy e-Commerce = efficient commerce, empowering commerce
China's E-Commerce Market in 2014: The Logistics Challenges Distribution gains importance as online markets heat up. Strategic partnerships are likely to play a key delivery role.
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Study of APEC Best Practices in Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Programs This work updates the APEC AEO Compendium, assembled in 2010, with results of a new survey. APEC customs authorities were provided a survey questionnaire about their AEO...
APEC Regional Trends Analysis: Reducing Trade Costs in the Asia-Pacific APEC Regional Trends Analysis replaces the two former reports, namely APEC Economic Trends Analysis and Key Trends and Developments Relating to Trade and Investment Measures, and
From Tropical Root to Responsible Food Spices refer to a diverse group of dried seeds, fruits, roots, bark and other plant materials that are used as seasonings or to add colour or aroma to a wide range of foods and...
FMCG Overview 2015 and What could we expect for 2016? Vietnam is experiencing a strong transformation, both economic and demographic which is changing the needs and behaviors of Vietnamese consumers.We see the emergence of the...
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Winning the 1st round of the Photo Contest at the TFC APICS Global Student Challenge 2016 Congratulations to Team "TTP Group” of FTU Foreign Trade University from Vietnam from winning the 1st round of the Photo Contest at the TFC APICS Global Student...
GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAINS: TRADE AND ECONOMIC POLICIES FOR DEVELOPING COUNTRIES The purpose of this series of studies is to analyse policy issues and to stimulate discussions in the area of international trade and development. The series includes studies by...
ASEAN Economic Community 2015 Collectively the third largest economy in Asia and the seventh in the world, the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) offers many prospects and opportunities to the busioness community
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Countdown to The Robotics Revolution The robotics industry may not be new, but it is certainly on the brink of a revolution. For the past 50 years, studies show that the most commercially successful robots were...
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Supply Chain's Christmas Checklist From merchandising and demand to warehouse and logistics, factories are gearing up for the December holidays. We will start with what happens in July and August, knowing from a...
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